Friday, 19 August 2011

Smoked Salmon Risotto

My first attempt at making risotto.

When I think risotto, I think labour.
It is a general culinary consensus that successful execution of the dish requires constant stirring and attention; basically, risotto becomes your baby in the kitchen.

The most important part of any risotto is, of course, the rice.
Arborio, carnaroli and vialone-nano are the classic choices; they are short-grain varieties that will result in a creamy product that retains a slight bite to each grain. Using regular long-grain rice will produce a mushy, gummy mass.

The next essential ingredient in risotto is the broth or stock.
Make sure you have the stock on a low simmer as you prepare the rice.

Have all ingredients chopped and prepared beforehand. That way you can cook your risotto straight through in 20 minutes maximum.

You want your risotto to be smooth, creamy and oozy, not thick and stodgy. A successful risotto is al dente, or cooked enough that the teeth can still detect firmness and is slightly creamy.