Saturday, 25 February 2012

Roasted Duck in pancake

Our dinner for this evening...

A simplified version of the more famous Peking Duck.

Using boneless duck breast, marinade the meat with some five-spice powder, salt, grated fresh ginger and a little black pepper. Leave to marinade, preferably overnight, or longer.
Bake the duck in a 140C oven for about 60 minutes. Separate the meat from the skin and shred the meat using 2 forks.
Remove excess fat from the skin and return the skin for a futher 20 minutes in a 170C oven or until  the skin is nice and crispy. Chop the skin and mix with the rest of the shredded meat.


To make life easy, buy some pre-made pancake and steam them (Note: it's not necessary to use bamboo steamer , any steamer will do the job nicely)

Take a piece of the pancake, place the shredded meat and some finely sliced cucumber and spring onions, a good spoonful of plum sauce and roll it up!